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Please understand that ALL Murals are a collaboration between my artistic vision and the needs/desires of the business or community. The work created will be an original artwork painted in my artistic style.

Flourish Artistic offers the following mural services:

  • Mural Design & Painting

  • Small and Large scale; Indoor & Outdoor

  • Realistic and Graphic styles

  • Mural Installations

    • An installation is defined as any mural that is painted on a surface separate from a wall and made to be installed onto a wall or other structural part of a business/community space. Mural installations must be a minimum of 48’’x 48’’, and must be painted on either wood panel or canvas. (I am not responsible for the install of the piece).

      *Please note that the minimum project budget for a mural is $1,500 (non-negotiable) this is not including materials!

Mural services NOT offered:

  • Logo Painting (the only circumstance under which a logo can be painted is if it is purposefully incorporated into the design of the original artwork).

  • I do NOT under any circumstance paint artwork that has already been designed by an artist/person other than myself.

    For more information about the specifics of what I do and do not offer please reference the About The Artist page before reaching out to book a service.