PROCESS for Artistic Services

This page includes an in-depth description of the general process for each service and client

 1) Initial Contact:

If you love my work and want an artistic addition to your business or community to help it grow, please reach out! Fill out the Contact page on this site, giving a clear description of what you are looking for in a service. I will respond within 24-48 hours. It is a necessity that you email me pictures of your wall or chalkboard and the space it is in, for murals this is an absolute must. I need to have a visual idea of what your space looks like so I can have a better idea of what I am looking at for work, especially if your location is outside of the area where I am capable of having an in person consultation (see below).

2) Consultation (free):

All consultations are scheduled via email after the initial contact. Type of consultation is determined based on location (see below).

If your location is in the Greater Boston, North Shore, Boston, or Merrimack Valley area:

  • Consultation will be IN-PERSON, at the site of the client’s business or community in need of service.

If your location is NOT in the Greater Boston, North Shore, Boston, or Merrimack Valley area:

  • Consultation will be over a phone call.

Any prerequisites necessary for the project proposal will be acquired and discussed, as well as a general feel for the visual artwork desired. There may be some sketching involved during in-person consult to better understand the vision of the project, but no formal designing will be done yet. Budget, as well as levels of pricing for your specific service will be reviewed. At the end of consultation, I will have ensured that I have enough information to put together an in depth project proposal for you.

3) Project Proposal/Design Deposit:


    After I have reviewed the info from your consultation, I will prepare a proposal cost estimate for your specific service and project. I will attach a contract to the project proposal.

    • If you choose to work with me and move forward with the service please send back a signed contract with the design deposit. The design deposit is included in the cost estimate, signed contracts will not be accepted without the design deposit. Please understand that the design deposit is non-refundable, it covers the cost of labor for designing your service regardless of if the contract is terminated after design.

    • If you are outside of the Greater Boston, North Shore, Boston, or Merrimack Valley: please understand that you are responsible for any and all travel expenses, which I will calculate and script in the cost estimate.


A project proposal and contract will be formed at the time of consultation. You have the option of signing after our in-depth discussion before the end of the consultation, or within 3 days of the consultation sent via email. Please understand that periodic chalkboard art services are invoiced on the 1st of every month, which includes all of the services for the month in total. For new clients, the first (and only the first) invoice will include any and all services done after the signing of the contract and before the 1st of the next month.

  • Example: if your business needs weekly A-Frame lettering priced at $50 per week, and you signed the contract two weeks before the first of the next month. Your first (and only the first) invoice would be $300, ($200 for the coming month’s services, and $100, for the two weeks prior services).

4) Design Process:

Upon the signing of the contract, we will schedule a time to meet in-person (location based) or schedule a Facetime/Phone-call to begin formal collaboration on the design of the piece through conversation. If your desire is for me to design the artwork without collaboration, I am comfortable with that as well.


The design process starts with developing an understanding of the goal of the artwork. Is it a selling point of a product or service? Is it meant to elicit a certain emotion or experience? Does it relate to the business or community or is it a stand-alone piece of art? These are some of the questions asked to get a better understand of how to design the right artwork. For chalkboard art, this includes font selection and general layout. We will collaborate until there is a solid understanding of what is needed in the design, I will sketch as we talk to provide visual feedback of our conversation. Using the sketches, a formal artwork design (or several, depending on the project) will be rendered either on paper or digitally in Photoshop/Procreate after the design conversation. I will make any changes necessary to the artwork design until you are happy with it. After you agree upon the formal sketch, the invoice for the 50% deposit will be sent, and we will review the start date of the project and begin any preparation necessary for the project (this includes ordering and reserving any machinery, ladders, or equipment necessary for the allotted time of the project).

For murals, please understand that the designs are not completely set in stone with the final piece. I reserve the right of artistic integrity to make changes I feel will benefit the overall piece/business/community within the visual design after the start of the painting.


    There is no formal design process for periodic chalkboard art, you as the client supply me with content that you need visually lettered or illustrated for your business/community. We will then agree upon the necessary chalkboards to purchase, it is preferred to use chalkboards that I can bring to my studio and deliver/switch out periodically. I then letter/illustrate this content for you on the periodic basis contracted and in the artistic style agreed upon in the contract. I will be doing this process in my own studio given that we purchase the necessary chalkboards have a pick up and deliver system (I will explain this in-depthly in the consult). If absolutely necessary I will come to the space of your business or community at a scheduled time to make the art, please understand that this method is not preferred and there will be an extra fee . It is a necessity that your content is planned in advance for the month, I would prefer to know what I am going in to illustrate.

    • For example, if you have menu specials that you need lettered bi-weekly on a chalkboard that is in the open of your restaurant, we will agree on a time that I can come in when there are no customers or few customers to make your needed changes every two weeks. You will have the content emailed to me prior to my arrival.


5) Deposits

  • A 50% starting deposit of the overall total is due at maximum of 2 weeks prior to the start of the mural. This will cover the cost of materials. This amount can be found in the contract

  • The remaining 50% of the overall total is due upon completion of the project. This amount can also be found in the contract.

6) Painting/Illustrating Process

  • Upon the reception of the 50% starting deposit, the necessary materials will be purchased to start the mural or chalkboard. You as the client are responsible for ensuring that the space in your business/community location is properly prepared for me to begin work (this includes ordering and reserving any machinery, ladders, or equipment necessary for the allotted time of the project).

  • If I have to travel to get to your location: I will be ordering the necessary materials to your business/community location in advance to my arrival. I will plan to get there at least 2 days before the start of painting to ensure my transportation method as well as make sure all of the materials are accounted for.

  • Let the art begin!